Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finish What You Start

Being a right brained individual, I tend to have ideas. Lots and lots of ideas. That's the fun part. I love the beginnings, the freshness, the endless possibilities! Getting into the nitty gritty of a project tends to leave me cold. Details are not my thing. And I am not good at finishing once the enthusiasm is gone. Thank heavens others aren't so prone, or the world would be a very scary place!

I realize it takes all kinds and that I fit in there someplace. It is not a good character trait to start things and not finish them because I've lost the "mood". But I fear I am not alone! Are you out there? Do I have kindred spirits in the world of drudgery? Some of us are so consumed by fear of failure that we don't even start things! But that's a different blog!

To my credit I do finish some things. I managed to raise the kids without killing them with neglect. I am still married, though I suspect Tom wears different colored soxs a lot. But I forget and leave the laundry in the washer and have to rewash it. Or move it from the drier to a basket and istead of folding it, just pick out what I need for days! I forget dates because the calendar and I are not friends. Yes, I have issues!

So, here's a sketch I FINISHED this morning-largely to avoid doing other boring tasks-that I started this July while in Chicago with my family. It was good to revisit the sketch book and finish what I started. I had time to think about the good time we had. Though this will probably remain nothing more than a sketch, I did some art today. I finished something. Now maybe I'll be in a better frame of mind for those other menial tasks that must be done!

Go finish something! In the immortal words in Nike commercials: Just Do It!