Monday, October 29, 2012

Hanging On

Hanging On
What a beautiful fall it has been!  My favorite time of year, and I finally got out to plein air!  This small 5x7 plein air sketch was made a week ago at Hoover Dam.  It was just past peak for the leaves, but the shoreline across the lake was still brilliant!  Fall is the landscapes last hurrah!  And the color was awesome this year.  I took many photos, but have not gotten the chande paint any but this small piece with friends on a beautiful day in the open air!

The change of seasons always makes me a bit melancholy.  Letting go of one thing and embracing the next can be both exhilarating and scary!  I get tired of the heat with the endless garden chores and welcome the fall frosts and autumn color.  But the falling leaves always remind me to take stock.  When the leaves are gone, we see the landscape differently.  Gone is the foliage and naked is the earth.  The forest floor covered with color that once clung to the branches and danced in the breeze.  Now we see the structure of our surroundings.  The very thing on which its covering hung.  While not dead, only sleeping, our eyes rest with muted colors and bare trees. 

I ask myself what is the structure beneath my art?  What do I want to do with it and why?  Or why don't I?  Will I accept the fall with it's brilliance as well as the winter with its barren yet restorative chill?  And what am I hanging on to (or is hanging on to me) that I would be better off letting go of?  Yup, I'm at it again!  (what is she talking about, you ask??  But it can't hurt to think about these things, right??)  Fall reminds me to reassess.

On another note...I've opened an Esty storefront and this painting is for SALE!  (5 x7 oil on board, unframed)   I just opened it today and as of now only have two items listed.  I will be adding more as I catalogue unsold pieces and create more for sale.  Please visit  my Etsy Store by clicking this link:  MichelleMorrisArt

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