Tuesday, August 10, 2010

loosen up!

So often I am asked by a student to help them loosen up.  They tell me they are perfectionists or "Type A" and have a hard time not controlling every detail.  I guess my work can be described as loose.  But I work at that look.   I have a tendency to work very tight and detailed.  You have to be practiced in a craft and skilled to even loosen up!  So before you go beating yourself up for being so perfectionistic or "type A", look at things another way. 

First you must take the time to be disciplined and get your skill set down well before you can even begin to express yourself artistically.  It begins to happen each time you take a step to practice your craft.  So since you are type A, you are way ahead of the game.  Those of us who are not, lack the discipline and order to get those things accomplished as quickly.

It's that Yin-Yang thing again.  Balance kids!  Yes, some of us are born neat and tidy.  Others of us are born loose and messy!  But all of us need to find the Yin to our Yang!  And that means we need one another.  You can learn to loosen up from me, but I can learn to be more organized from you.  If you think about it, it's really a win-win. 

I used to feel that my lack of order and tendencies for clutter were a bad thing.  And when you cant find your keys and your late for an appointment, it surely is.  But the good in that is that I have a lot of room to improve.  And you know, I'm not all stressed out if a pillow out of place or there is a hair on the sofa!   I used to want so bad to be like my father, who is very disciplined and orderly.  I am more like my mother who was just organized enough that she knew which pile something was in!  Not a total disaster, but an orderly mess. Dad trimmed all the bushes into neat rows, mom's spilled over and flowered in bowers that arched onto the lawn.  There is beauty in both ways of doing things. 

An article I read recently said "Brain Chemistry is tied to Creativity.  Creative people may think broadly and make unusual associations because they are less able to filter out information."  This has something to do with fewer protein's in creative brains!  Who knows?  So I say, love the genes your born with!  Embrace that side of you that is dominate and work to bring the other extreme into a balance.  My motto has always been that you'll get where your going if you have a plan, but you have to be open to the detours that make life so extraordinarily exciting!  It's about the journey. 

So if your too loosey goosey, tighten your grip.  If you are a little too tightly wound, practice letting go.  In the end, it's just that.  The end.  Embrace your strengths, work with your weakness and enjoy the ride!