Wednesday, February 5, 2014


sketch for finished painting
This is Charlie.
Charlie is a rescued beagle mix owned by my next door neighbors.  The first time I met Charlie he lifted his leg on my foot!  I thought my neighbor would die!  Dogs do that, usually not on my foot, but I was not put off. Since then I have built a relationship with Charlie. I watch Charlie when his owners go out of town.  Charlie and I chat when I garden.  Charlie comes to the fence to visit my menagerie of dogs and flaunt his freedom.  

Charlie has a blanket he throws up in the air and runs under when he wants to nap!  Once, while watching him, I came over to let him out.  He was under his blanket and never even moved when I called his name!  I confess to panicking and pulling up the blanket to see if he was alive.  Never even lifting his head or opening his eyes, Charlie merely wagged his tail, thump, thump against his bed! The little devil!  Charlie is a character and a half! 

This is a painting my neighbor commissioned for her husbands birthday.  It's always easier painting a face (or dog) you are familiar with. We included his blanket and name tag with his "cute" ears and tilted head!  

Happy Birthday neighbor!