Monday, May 7, 2012


As many of you know, my daughter gets married in a month.  I can do little else but keep the list and check off each completed task.  So blogging is not a high priority this month.  In fact, I am not going to try to write once a week anymore.  I've decided to write when I really have something to say!  (but fear not--I always have a lot to say!)   So maybe once or twice a month.  Or so.

The bigger problem is I have no time to paint.  Walls, yes.  A painting no.  Flowers bloom and call to me-"paint me!"   I watch them fade, knowing they will call again next spring.  The landscape is awakening and it, too, calls me to pain it.  I  paint them in my mind and wait for another time.  And so it goes.

Seasons of separation from my art, forced or not, are good. It reaffirms that I am an artist in the most basic sense.  By basic I  mean it is such a part of me I need to create.  And I am lost when I cannot.   I think about it even when I cannot do it.  This signals to me that it's more than what I do, it's who I am.

So right now, my art and this blog need a break.  I will devote myself to the other things that are also who I am.  My family and friends.  My home and hospitality.  And the celebration of these things that are also most basic to me.  And going forward, living with intention -as I blogged when I met the bear-I want to celebrate.  My daughter and her future husband.  My family and all my friends.  And later, when the time comes, my writing and my art.

But there is that painting I have sketched sitting on my easel...:)  I'll post it when it's done!~