Friday, September 22, 2017


Inktober is fast approaching!  Are you ready?? For those not familiar with Inktober, it is a group of people who join together for the month of October to do an ink drawing each day of the month. Because it's origin is social media, the idea is to share the drawings to social media marked with a hash tag so others can find it.  (Google "hashtag" if you aren't familiar with them or their purpose) Inktober is both exciting and inspiring. And I'd like to share some thoughts about it and encourage you to do it with me.

First, you CAN do this. It’s 31 days. That’s all. One ink sketch a day for 31 days. Not a life sentence. You will not get ink poisoning or die from finger cramps. Trust me. 

Second, the rules are simple. Ink. On paper. That’s it. Size, color, subject—all up to you. There are prompts for each day. I posted them on my facebook page, but these are optional. I will not be using most of them.

Third, post your work on social media with a hashtag so others can find it. Now here’s where I meet resistance. “I am not good enough to put my work out there.” Nonsense. No one is going to create a masterpiece during Inktober. If you think you should then you’ve completely missed the point!! Sure, some people who really get into it might create some of the most gorgeous work, but does that diminish yours? If that intimidates you, or scares you off, again, you’ve missed the point!

Fourth, what’s the point? The point is to stretch yourself. To challenge your creative spirit. The point is not about comparing. The point is not about your perfectionism. The point is not about what someone else can do and how well and how you measure up comparatively. The point is to make art with ink for 31 days. I have found tremendous inspritation from the people who post their work. You will see techniques you can imitate. You will see subject matter you can use. You will see great skill and beginners just doing their thing. It really inspires me, and I’m not talking about the work that looks like it could be in a magazine. I’m talking about art that comes from all different skill levels. I guarantee you will learn, and grow and be inspired. And THAT is the point!!!!!!! If no one shares their work because of fear then we all lose!! 

Last, do you do art? Draw, paint, colored pencil, mixed media?  Then you are an artist. You have what it takes. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. This my friends is about the journey, not the destination! I will bore you with my drawings and my thoughts throughout the month. I really hope you’ll consider joining me.