Sunday, July 26, 2009

in the beginning

In the beginning God CREATED!! And aren't we made in his image? Therefore, we are created, creative beings. I figure if it's good enough for Him (or the "Big Guy" as my friend refers to God) it's a worthy endeavor. OK, no more of my spiritual philosophy! Well, for now anyway!

For many years I felt my art was an extravagance, a luxury, something that was not as important as just about anything else. There was much reinforcement for this way of thinking. Back in the day, art school was something few could afford. And I don't mean people couldn't afford to pay for an art education, I mean because you just couldn't make a living at it easily, so why would you spend the money on the education in the first place? With computers came graphic art, and of course there was illustration and other money making art avenues. But fine art was and continues to be a struggle for the large majority of fine artists. You've heard the term "starving artist"? Many of us then find a way to make money and pursue our passions on the side.

What have you put on hold because you needed to eat? There is nothing wrong with that, we need to eat! But I found there was a need in me to create that could not be silenced. I was not whole or happy without it. It took a long time for me to get that. And really, like I've said other places, what would the world be without the arts? I ask you, do you own art for your walls? Of course you do. Do you listen to music? I'm sure you own Cd's of artists who's music speaks to you. Do you read, or see movies or the theater? Life would be very bland without those artists who followed their passions regardless.

So, I titled this "the creative life" because I think we cant have one without the other, really. I'm interested in how we can enrich our lives by embracing our creativity. I'm interested in what you create and your thoughts on creativity. Lets share the creative life.

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