Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends!

We creatives are a fragile bunch. Since I think everyone is born with creativity, that means all of humanity has their share of insecurities and fragile feelings! Some people are adept at protecting their inner child, and some of us will never learn this since it is our nature to let life in through the front door! Self protection is an afterthought for us. And most of the time, the experience is a good one. By being less wary and more open I have experience great joy in relationships and deep lasting friendships. I understand and appreciate both ways of living life.
In my journey I have noticed that my creativity is affected by others in both good and bad ways. But when it comes to my creative side, I've found that I need to be a little more protective. That doesn't mean less open. No, that just means I need better boundaries and screening.
Creativity is fragile. That part of me is fragile. I've learned to surround myself with the people who understand and appreciate my life's calling. I'm not saying I am not friends with people who don't appreciate my art. I'm saying that I don't drag out my inner creative to people who might damage it. It's hard enough to stay creative with the rejection one gets from critiques in school, from not being accepted to this show or that, from those who do not "oooo and ahhh" over your best work, the list goes on! Your putting part of yourself out there artists! These works are your children! Treat them as such. Respect them and the process and don't listen to those who do not! (do not confuse this with those who give constructive criticism. But get that from someone you respect and who has your best interest at heart!)
But those who are supportive of your creativity are gems. And I have gathered many into my corner. Recently I wrote a friend that I didn't feel like gardening anymore, a hobby we shared like the obsessive compulsive perennial buyers we are. She wrote back to encourage and included this: You've lost that gardening feeling.Oh, that gardening feeling.You've lost that gardening feeling, cuz it's gone, gone, gone, and you can't go on,Whoa whoa whoa. (a Righteous Brothers borrowization).
That's creative! That makes me laugh and gives me joy, and even made me want to plant something. But larger than that, that humor and creativity from one of my best and lifelong friends, translated to me! Juiced me up and made me laugh!
In correspondence with another friend during that incredible snow in February that left us all crazy, he wrote that he was canceling our meeting to make snow angles. I wrote back with a cocky "OK then. But try an angel instead, angles tend to cause trouble." His response was classic and made me laugh as you can see above in the photo!
And yet another friend invited me to her garden to witness and paint the beauty and unfolding miracle that was blooming in her front yard. This simple act of sharing her vision and the beauty that she and her yard possessed produce a painting in kind. Not bad for a couple of hours of perfection! You take that when you can get it.
Those are example's of friends who shared their own creativity with me. It gave me appreciation for my own, since I could appreciate theirs! And then there is my best friend and also my husband and kids. My sister and mom and dad. These people have nurtured and protected my fragile creative side and helped it grow. I am blessed to have them and their support.
Yes, people energize me with their wit, creativity and humor. I need people. People who need people are the luckiest people in the world. OK, wrong song! But seriously, surround yourself with those who respect who you are and what you do creatively, even if it's just for fun in your spare time. Limit your time with those who would seek to bring that down, knowingly or not. I doubt they know they even have this effect on you. This is a hard journey, don't make it harder on your inner creative!
Most of all, people treat you the way you teach them to. (Dr. Phil) The bottom line, and the root of the issue is: do you believe in your own value and the value of what you create? If you don't, why would they treat you better than you treat yourself? Do you feel you/your art is important?
It's something to think about, huh?

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  1. Michelle, my mom sent me your blog today and it was just what I needed to hear. I have been needed some encouragement and that helped! Thank you! From one artist to another! Wish you were closer! Miss you!