Sunday, March 27, 2011

How To Be Inspired!

In preparing for a mixed media class, I was searching for still life objects that inspired me.   If you've ever had to put a still life together you know it takes thought and can be a challenge to find pieces that might be fun to paint.  Earlier in the week I was reading a lesson for a course I'm taking online called Creative Pathfinder, the author brings up a point that I think we overlook.  The idea that having down time or "play" time is squandering your time.  When in fact nothing could be further from the truth!  It is precisely during those times when ideas and inspiration come to me.  Does that happen to you?
It does not happen every time I take a walk or go to the Zoo. And there is no guarantee that goofing off will provide a brilliant idea.  Which may be why most of us work through our dry uninspiring days with more work!  At least we feel productive or can show our boss we did something.  And something is better than nothing?  Maybe not. My thoughts are that sometimes I need to just do the work!  It is true that the more you do something the better at it you get.  But that applies to skill's, right?  Go with me here-does it apply to what inspires us?  Will your work be better if you are using your skills to produce something that you are excited about?  Is your answer YES?  Of course it is!
So I took the article to heart.  I asked myself "where can I go to find inspiration?".  I ended up at one of my favorite garden centers where I bought pansy's and a garden mouse!  Excited?  You bet!  Inspired?  All over the place!
Do this for yourself please:  take some time to play and find inspiration.  It is not a waste of time!   So I thought up these questions to ask yourself.  What do I really enjoy?  Who do I enjoy experiencing it with?  How do I feel when I am doing this?  What causes me to be the most creative?  Is it a time of day or maybe a place?  Am I my most creative and have the most inspiration when I am alone or engaging with others?   What has inspired me in the past?  What intrigues me now?  Do I need to stretch myself to learn new things? (These are just questions to stimulate ideas and self awareness.)
Now go do it!  And then write me and tell me about it.  I'd love it if it were contagious and we do some really awesome things with the right side of our brain!

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