Thursday, March 1, 2012

What do Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Michelle Morris have in Common??

Ballroom Dancer from Art at the Arnold 2010

The Arnold sports festival is held in Columbus every year.  The festival has expanded into the world’s largest multi-sport fitness weekend since its 1989 beginning as The Arnold Classic as a one-day professional men’s bodybuilding competition.  It is an experience to say the least! 

This will be my third year to compete at the Arnold.   Didn't know I was that physically fit, did you??  Well, I'm not.  But I am competing in the "Art at the Arnold".  The 3rd Annual Art at the Arnold competition during the Arnold Sports Festival will again use this unique venue for artists to portray athletes and sports action on March 2-4 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center (GCCC).  The 3-day event allows artists to compete and entertain spectators by creating paintings from dozens of sports that range from archery to weightlifting. Artists will create their work in the open concourse between the GCCC and the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The exhibit will be March 4 on the second floor of the GCCC. (that's straight from the promo!)

There are so many talented artist's that participate, many of whom are my friends.  It's three days of intense work and long hours.  And it can be a lot of pressure.  But it is a huge amount of fun!  I am looking forward to finding a subject that inspires and hopefully create a piece I am proud to show on Sunday. 

If you get to the festival this weekend, drop by the concourse and say hello!  Wish me luck! 


  1. Hi Michelle. Nice to this see painting again. Will you post paintigs from the past two years? I haven't seen your blog in a while, but going sign up now.

  2. Thanks Debra! Last years is in here somewhere, but it's not worth re-posting. It was not my best work. My latest post has the new one, also not my best but a fun painting. I even missed Arnold this year!!