Friday, April 6, 2012

Mixing It Up!

Today in the grocery store I was assaulted by Easter Lilies!  White Lilies everywhere!! It's tempting to pick up another one.  My mother loved and purchased an Easter Lillie almost every year.  She loved the "hot house flowers" that you can get during the holidays. 

Last Easter I had a "left over" Lillie and decided to "mix it up" with watercolor and Pastel.  As you can see, I have it framed and hanging in my house.  While not my favorite, I limited my palette by trying to stay with a few "spring" pastel colors.  I lost the under painting, but it was more and experiment for a class I was to teach later that spring. 

Later, for the workshop, my set up and demo was inspired by a trip to the garden center.  I bought some pansies (another favorite) and a small mouse.  I demonstrated an under painting with watercolor and applied pastel on top of a warm grey Wallis paper.  I did manage to leave some of the Wallis paper untouched, but I lost most of the watercolor under painting.  It even won an award at a local art show. 

My trip to the grocer reminded me of lilies, and the painting I see everyday.  It also reminded me I need to mix it up again!  Getting out of your comfort zone is healthy.  When you stretch yourself you find out all kinds of things are possible--just because you tried!  Go MIX IT UP!

Have a lovely Easter! 

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