Saturday, November 3, 2012

We Called Him Lucky

Art is often personal.  Art can be a way to communicate.  I like to-and try to-communicate the positive.  The joy in life.  It's beauty.  But sometimes my art helps me deal with difficult times.  Then art becomes a way to process feelings.  To get in touch with them or to understand something I can't verbalize.  It helps clarify thought and gives me a time to focus.  Then, quiet often, I find peace.

My first cat, Lucky left me to go to the great outdoor adventure in the sky a little over a two weeks ago.  So I felt it only fitting to honor him with a little painting and a blog post, since he brought so much joy (and grief) into my life!  The painting helped me process his death and let me grieve.  But it also gave me time to think about this little furry creature that made such a mark on my life.  Time to review his gifts to me.

In looking for a photo to paint, I could only come up with one!  I have thousands of photos, what with digital making it so easy to take and keep every little one.  I have taken many of the furry people, but I could only find the one.  (this has prompted and all out frenzy to catalogue and organize the photos I can find!) So sad am I, that this was the only reference I have of such an important piece of my life.  Note to self:  don't just take pictures!  Take the time to keep them organized and safe...

And, so.  Lucky came to us one Christmas as a present for my daughter who had indicated she would like a cat.  She does not remember it that way.  As is usual, the cat became mine...I digress.  We went to the local Vet who had a rescued litter.  These kittens were freezing in a barn and we brought home a cute one and called him Lucky, since he was lucky to be alive.  (and even luckier to find a home with us!  We kind of spoil the furry people!) 

His coat seemed a little dirty, so, never having had a cat before...I decided to bathe him...OUCH.  And for all that trouble, Lucky was always a kind of dusty looking orange tabby.  Never gave him another bath, I'll tell you that! 

Lucky was an indoor cat...until...we moved and he saw the big glass sliding doors and the expanse beyond!  Shortly thereafter, he began his escapes.  The first was a three day excursion leading his owner to wander neighborhoods and scour fields calling for her cat!  He was never gone that long again, but made dashing out the door a perilous experience for all involved!  We called him the escape artist. 

Lucky had the endearing and always comical habit of sleeping in my baskets.  I have them everywhere, and no matter the size or what is in them, Lucky would fit himself in these baskets!  Hanging over the sides of a small one or tucked way down in a big one, that's where I would look for Lucky.   We called him the basket case!  Yesterday I passed the big round basket on my dresser he use most often to sleep in.  I just had to smile and shed one small tear. 

Lucky had a habit of knocking things off counters and table or dresser tops if he wanted something.    Then he would play with it.  Jewelery, pens, coins--even larger items, glasses of water were his favorite. Usually he wanted attention.  But, say, he was out of food.  He would wait until 3 AM to alert me to his plight!  I tried everything to stop him from this annoying habit!  I squirted him with a water bottle.  (until I was in hysterics!  Lucky would just sit there and let you get him soaking wet with a confused look on his face!  All the books tell you it works--don't believe it!)  But he never stopped.  Most of the time he just wanted me to chase him around in the middle of the night.

And so, it is with sadness I share my small sketch of my Lucky.  He was such a...oh yeah, JOY!  He really had a personality I could relate to.  Free spirited, loving, risk taking, playful, tenacious, mischievous, energetic, lazy, sleepy, feisty and loyal.  He was one in a million and I miss that big dirty looking orange tabby cat!! 

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