Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sketching Iris

As write my articles for Senior Magazine and prepare for my Watercolor Flowers and Sketchbook Journaling classes, I want to share my excitement and encourage everyone to get and keep a sketchbook journal! It's also only natural to combine my love of flowers and journaling!

Below are a few sketches I did in a class.  The iris are so fleeting but in full bloom now.  Sketches are not meant to be great works of art, but I find I love them as much and sometimes more than those studio paintings I put so much love and work into!  My sketches range from fun and free form to detailed small paintings.

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 This first sketch was to show a student how the flower forms without much detail say "iris".  Done on regular paper, it is buckled and the colors are soft because the watercolor behaves differently on regular paper.  I liked it so well for its simplicity so I am going to glue it in a journal!!

 Again, a color demo on a watercolor sketch pad.  This time for color mixing and to show how form and a free approach still say "iris"!  I knew after it dried that I wanted to add ink for some detail and whimsy.

To the right is the finished product.   To me, this is what a journal is for.  A place to see whats possible, to experiment and take a risk.  I think it paid off!    

Iris 6 x 8  Framed (for sale)

And last, a much more detailed small demo.  Same iris, different view, different treatment.  And I love them all!!  

I have more work to share so I'll be posting again a bit more regularly.  Stay tuned and email me or post comments on the blog if you have comments or questions for me.  

Have a creative day!  

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