Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Challenging Your Observation Skills!

My sketchbook challenge is on!  If you haven't read about it yet, check the previous blog or Senior Artist Article and join the fun!

The challenge is a sketch a day for 30 days.  The goal is to strengthen drawing skills.  Good drawing skills are very important if you want to draw or paint representational art.  (drawing something that looks like the object). 

The "challenge within the challenge" is just a suggestion to help you find inspiration. Last weeks was "What says summer to you?" With that challenge I've seen some wonderful work!  I thought I'd share one I did this weekend while on the road.

This sketch was done in the car as the scenes sped past.  I looked as long as I could at what interested me and then drew from memory.  First I drew the large tree in the field.  Later I saw a field with hay bales all askew.  Last I drew the flowers that dotted the roadside in the foreground.  Then I painted it with watercolor.  It's a small sketch (3x5) and I got a little too tight with my little tiny brush!  I struggle to stay loose. Time and detail are the enemy in that sense!

Drawing is all about seeing. After image drawing (what I did with this sketch) is an excellent way to strengthen observation skills.  On my Facebook page, ( just "like" Michelle Morris Art to see the feed on your page ) I issue a "challenge within the challenge" every so often.  This week I want to use after image drawing to challenge your skills a bit.   Spend 10-15 seconds looking at the photo below or use your own subject.  Then without looking draw the image.  Repeat this exercise with the same subject for a few days and see how your drawing improves!  Then post your sketches on my page and share in the fun!

Happy sketching!

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