Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blessings at Easter

Easter is my favorite holiday and spring my favorite season.  With spring, I come out of my winter dormancy with a flurry of activity!  Its been a busy week as I get ready for Easter and the post I had intended, didn't happen!  This is what you get instead--Me wishing you and yours Easter Blessings! 

(this is an older painting, done from life.  It is pastel with a watercolor underpainting on sanded paper.  The trouble I have with underpainting...leaving any!  So while I like this, my vision for it was not what you see.  And that means there is an unfinished painting hanging around in my head!)  


  1. Hi, Michelle. Thanks so much for posting this lovely lily. Many blessings to you too! I agree, it is difficult to leave the underpainting and/or bits of white as you go along. But this lily is still gorgeous! And don't we all have unfinished paintings rolling around in our heads! If only all of our dreams could be put on paper, our creative life would flourish. So keep your brushes wet, dear friend.

    1. Thanks Penny! Sometimes I pull out an old painting and it inspires another or I rework it. Someday, I'll figure out how to quit while I'm ahead with those under paintings!