Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Everyday Art

I saw this picture posted on my Facebook feed by the son of one of my "besties". (noun-plural for one of your best friends)
I knew immediately it was Vanessa's art.  Her son opened his mail and this is what he saw--and he loved it! So much he shared it on Facebook.  And I'm sure he will keep it and cherish it.

THIS is art. Art makes you smile. Or cry. It makes you happy or sad or angry or glad. Art is powerful. And sometimes its gentle. You know what I'm saying here. Art is expression and it should on some level evoke a response. The beauty of it is, you respond as you make it and others respond as they view it. That's a lot of bang for your buck!  I mean, it's just that powerful!

You probably don't think about all the ways that art impacts your life daily, but it does. This world would be unthinkable without it. Everyone and everything would be grey and flat and uninteresting!! Art surrounds you down to the faucet you get your water from. Someone designed that and most of them go beyond function. Look around you my friend and think about how those with creativity have made your world a beautiful, interesting or thought provoking place!

So whether you share it like my friend did with her son, or you keep it privately tucked away in your journals-- make art! Share your art! Your doing the world (or your son) a huge favor!!  

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