Saturday, March 4, 2017

Day 60

Day 60 already? Where had the time gone?? It's been wonderful to actually DO this! Many have asked me to show more of my process, so I snapped a few shots of day 60.
Here we go! (It was cloudy and I used my iPhone for these shots so they are not all great quality)

  A light sketch of just some flowers and stems from a reference photo. I have so many photos of my flowers it's ridiculous! 


Added juicy color to my small palette. I seem to be working with my travel palettes lately. I think it's because I lack space and because I don't use enough watercolor these days to warrant the bigger palette. This limits my color choices, but I've always worked well with a limited palette and teach beginners with one, so it's never a bad idea to go with what's simple!! 

 I played around with the colors I wanted to use. Here I played with cobalt blue, Ultramarine blue, Aureolin yellow and some Alizarin Crimson. I wanted a spring palette of color which is why I chose the cobalt and the Aureolin.  They make nice spring greens. You will notice there is a blue, yellow and red. Always try to find a triad of primaries for your limited palette. 


I started with the shadows on the subjects. I might have started with a background wash first. I may revisit this in that way another day. 

Here I begin with a watery background. Cutting around the flowers was work but I'd rather do that than put frisked on. That always feels stiff to me. 

And here is my finished work. All that was left was the signature! This fast little work is of one of my favorite flowers. Do what you love!! I'm adding a few more photos of my daily work that I think are worthy of sharing. Have an artful week! 

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  1. Always delightful - snowdrops are my first hope of spring.
    Not managing a sketch a day but doing art more days than not - thank you for the constant encouragement.