Thursday, March 21, 2013

I had my students bring in something personal to add to the still life for our final class. One student brought a black duck decoy.  (Charles Reid has a decoy he uses in his still life with regularity and I've always wanted to paint one.)  Sitting down to help someone I saw the light on the decoy and knew I had to paint it! And fast, since it was going home with her! So quickly I sketched and painted it. Light and shape are what attract me most often to a subject. This had wonderful shapes and colors within the black.

Now classes are over for a few weeks. During this time I hope to set up my studio-- yes it's still a wreck --and get some things stored and organized.  Then I'm hoping to get back to a routine of painting and blogging regularly again!

My blog may go quiet again for a time, but look for me in a few weeks.  Rested, ordered and ready to paint and share!  Until then, paint for me!!

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