Friday, March 1, 2013

Keeping it Going!

I started this drawing of an eye to show a student. Using the colored paper as a middle value with two pastel pencils-white for highlights and caput mortuum for shadow and half tone. Right now, with my studio in boxes and no time to tackle it right now, I do my art whenever I can! After class i had the bug and continued the drawing for a while longer. While it still has some flaws, it scratched the itch! Felt good to put pencil to paper again. And since my studio and supplies are all still in boxes until I get things unpacked elsewhere-I take my art where I can get it! Don't know if Scott is on this list, but if you are--here's our guy finished! How do you like it and how is yours shaping up? Send photos!
A new Facebook friend, Kelly, has been inspiring me with her art on a 30 day journey of her own. She does her art while her young one naps! Recently she posted a beautiful self portrait. I've never done one! Another goal on the list! Thanks Kelly!
Now, until next time, keep it going any way/any time you can!

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