Thursday, October 24, 2013

More Leaves

Sometimes journaling or small works like this are all I have time for.  Working small also helps encourage me to paint again if I'm in a slump.  Just by getting the paints out, then with the drawing I find the urge to put the brush into the paint and then touch the paint to the white paper and then adding water to watch the mystery and dance that is painting with watercolor!  

My favorite season is fall, and it's almost impossible for me not to pick up a few fallen leaves.  Who can resist all that color clinging to baring branches, floating on the breeze and carpeting the path underfoot?  And always impossible not to paint at least a single leaf!  

Here are two approaches to the same leaf.  Because I used a looser technique on the right with splatter, the color became darker and more red.  The actual leaf looks more like the one on the left.  ( I should have included the leaf! ).  Have you ever really looked at the delicate nature of a leaf?  Each is different and by this time of year, few are perfect. (Hmmm, there's a metaphor there!  But I'll spare you today! ) 

Enjoy the day and find some time to really look at a leaf! :) 

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