Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Art Challenge

I try to do these challenges and schedule them ahead of time, but...sometimes I'm not that efficient.
I suppose if I was doing this just for me, I wouldn't do it at all. But since you read, I post. This week's didn't inspire many of you I can see. I on the other hand, love form and value. To me "round" suggests a form not just a circle. A circle is flat. Two dimensional. Round has mass. A ball is round. But what's the difference?

Value or tone, create form in a painting. Once you understand light and shadow you can create a round object from a circle drawn on paper. I did this one for fun by using the color wheel method. The color wheel method uses the darker colors at the bottom of the wheel for dark values and the lighter ones going up for light values. It's a simple lesson, but helps us understand how color has value as well. And that's an oversimplified lesson in value. Anyway, this is my very easy, very simple offering for the round challenge.

This week I want you to put on some music and paint what you feel. Yup. You read right. You're in a rut. You need some fresh work. You need to get outside your comfort zone. You need to use your senses. Use some well chosen music you know moves you or just turn on the radio. See what happens. Don't plan it, just do it. For this challenge, please include the music you used when you post. Can't wait!! Have fun-and think about this quote:

  “We have no other means of recognizing art than our feeling for it. The objects that provoke aesthetic emotion vary with each individual”. Clive Bell

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