Friday, August 5, 2016

FAC-It's Still Friday-I Have Time!!

So, another busy week with some lazy mixed in. Seems to be feast or famine with activities happening all in one week.
Lots of caretaking duties. Mid week the Alzheimer's group dad's a part of went on a little fishing trip at a local park. I had the idea I would be sketching there for hours, so look what I packed for the morning!! Yeah, overkill. By the time I was done settling dad with the group, chatting and setting up to paint I had a little under an hour. So I hurried and did this little sketch of a tree fallen in the river. The water is really green, but I always keep it blue. For one thing, too much green is overwhelming. A little artistic licence can be used when you judge something needs tweaking!
There were other distractions from last weeks challenge, the main one being creative block. I simply couldn't see anything worthy of a rubbing. Now you know that's solid nonsense, right?? There is stuff all around you everyday. I saw so much amazing work on the Facebook page (if your not seeing it here, it's there-just ask to join the page!) and I must admit, I was a little stuck. That's what a creative block is. You're stuck, but it's you lacking inspiration, not the reality.  I could write a book about this, and many have, because it's a real thing. And the only way I've found around it is to just start. It comes eventually. That said, this morning I found my mojo!! It's still Friday!!
Suddenly there was texture every where. And that's the rub-pun intended. I just started and then I got excited by the art that was created. It's not about framable art, it's about creativity. The images that we created doing this were very cool. I really fell in love with them. So see if you can match the texture to the rubbing.
It shouldn't be to hard to spot them. My favorite one is the ceiling tile. That one may be harder to see, but for some reason that's exactly why I like it.

This last one was from some depression glass, an idea I got from a friends work. Such a simple challenge. Why did I make it so hard?? 

I hope your week went well. Now the challenge is to make me some art that is round. I just pull these out of nowhere as I sit here typing. I think its working pretty well! Again, if you haven't joined us yet, what are you waiting for?? Get some creativity working for you. Don't make this hard like I did-and learn from me to just start!! See you next week-make some awesome art! 

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