Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Art Challenge-was a challenge

I really struggled with the Christmas in July prompt. Not because I lacked inspiration.  Apparently, they start stocking the stores for Christmas--in July--no joke!

No, I struggled because it was a particularly busy week and because I had such fun doing the 6 day challenge that I thought I could do something for this one each day for the week. It was a nice plan. And so go the best laid plans.

As it turns out, I only did one tiny quick little watercolor sketch. That's all folks!
Do you ever have all these big plans and then for whatever reason-you can't/don't do it? Well, of course you do! We all do, so I know I am not alone. And that's the beauty of the Friday Art Challenge!!! Every week brings a new challenge. A new idea. Another chance to be amazing!! And you are AMAZING!!

If you haven't joined the FAC yet, here's your chance!  If you've only done one, two, eight or none- it's a new week! What are you waiting for?? Christmas?? Well we just had it so you have no excuse!! No kids, this challenge is for you. (well really it's for me, but I love a party!) You control this-if five minutes is all you've got-you give it five minutes. The point is to get us making art regularly, whatever that looks like for you and your life right now.

So for this week's challenge I thought I would mix it up a little. Your prompt this week is to do a rubbing:

rubbing is a reproduction of the texture of a surface created by placing a piece of paper or similar material over the subject and then rubbing the paper with something to deposit marks, most commonly charcoal or pencil, but also various forms of blotted and rolled ink, chalk, wax, and many other substances.

I saw a post on Facebook where an artist had his students do rubbings. He showed pictures of them outside doing large rubbings of sewer grates and other cool things!! It was so cool and took me back to school day's! So get creative. Use a crayon if that's all you can manage. I bet you will start noticing all the textural things around you that you could potentially make a rubbing of. And that means I've started you thinking creatively--yay! 

Have a great week. I look forward to your work! 

P.S. I'm not putting the link here anymore since everyone is posting on the facebook page. If you want the link back, let me know. 

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