Friday, July 22, 2016

FAC-It's That Time Again!

Digital salt and pepper shakers and Pen sketch by Maria White

This week was special. Something about the quick six day five minute sketch challenge was a win/win for everyone who gave it a shot.
A t first I thought no one would join me. I figured because it was daily it would be too much. But a few of you ran with it and I was so impressed!! Throughout this post I will be sharing some of the work posted on the Facebook Friday Art Challenge group page so you can see what fun we had!  

                 five minute ink drawings by Kelly Martinez

I was really pleased with the participation and the work. This daily challenge and the Friday Art Challenge in general have been good for me. As I said, it was born out of my need to get some art back in my life. One inspiration for that is Micheal Nobbs. (google him!!) Michael is an artist I ran across online somehow (I forget if it was from an online class or just how I found him) who has a disease that seriously messes with his energy levels. He has found a way to make art even with a limited amount of energy by setting a timer and creating for just 20 minutes a day. Over time Michael was able to amass a substantial body of work with this method. He's written books, created a body of artwork and even has a podcast to encourage others. This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

five minute landscape and life drawings by Cat Tilden

His approach spoke to me at a time when I was struggling. Twenty minutes a day is doable. It really is. I am not dedicated to that particular approach because honestly art is just not the priority in my life right now.  And that's alright. But the Friday Art Challenge was born from his example. While I may not be able to get twenty minutes a day in, I can do something once a week. So I thought up the Friday Art Challenge.

some of my work this week, five minutes turns into thirty! 

One day I was messing around in a little journal I have. It's the 3x5 moleskine I wrote about last post. I had set it out in an effort to draw more often. It was working and I was drawing small quick drawings more often. I do love the simplicity and raw look of these quick drawings! That gave me the idea for the six day five minute challenge. As you can see, we produced a lovely body of work! And taking a hint from Michael, I worked on the above journal page in small increments. Kelly is doing a series on some photos she took of a angel statue with a broken wing. Maria, who has been working digitally, did one in pencil. And Cat, explored many different things around her for her five minute sketches. 

I love each and every offering you put out there last week. Cheers to those who participated. And for those of you who are not comfortable sharing or who have not found time to join us, I just want to say, you will be richer for giving it a shot. Take an example from Michael and start a twenty minute a day habit. Or a five minute habit. If you're frustrated with your art, the five minute challenge is a great way to gain some momentum.  Or join us each week for the FAC.  But whatever it takes, makes some art!

This Friday Art Challenge is going to be Christmas in July. Remember folks, it's art, not rocket science, so don't stress about it. Use your first idea and just do it. It's about exploring your creativity and finding a way to bring it out. Use a different media. Express it in an unexpected way. Or any way you're comfortable with! And for those up to it, a little added challenge: do a series of small works, one each day for Christmas in July. I don't even know if I can do it, but lets see what happens--exciting! 

So until next week-make some art!

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