Friday, July 8, 2016

In my last post I said I would try to do the carrots in pastel. I had a vision.
Needless to say, it did not live up to my vision. I call this "Garlic Floating Over Carrots!" Ha, Ha! For some reason, mostly a lack of time, I could not make that garlic "sit down" and become part of the composition! By the time I got back to these carrots the tops had wilted, but I think that's best for the time I had. Sometimes, it's just best to cut your losses (or tops) and move on. While I would consider this a failed painting, I also consider it a learning-or relearning-experience. I literally haven't done any pastels in maybe five years until I did the Apple for the first (?) challenge. I really love pastels. My first love is drawing and while I use them with broad strokes like paint and a brush, I love that I can get in there like a drawing tool as well. I also love to layer pastel. You may be able to see some layers here. I felt the carrots really popped when I lightly added very soft red violet lowlights on the carrots. All in all, I have done more art for this challenge than I have done total in four years!! I'd say it's a good thing for me.

This week, ah, what shall we do?? I find that my inspiration most often comes from nature. It seems to be a theme we can find plenty to do with--so in keeping with the season, make me some art using "summer" as your prompt. I look forward to your art. You are so creative in your offerings. Be bold, use other mediums. Experiment. Think outside your box! And above all else--Make art!

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