Friday, September 2, 2016

FAC And Running

I'm sorry the blog has been quiet and that I missed the Friday Art Challenge last week. The truth is, I need to focus on some other things in preparation for some changes this fall
that have nothing to do with my art, so I won't bore you with them. I think I will need to discontinue the Friday Art Challenge to give myself a bit more time to get some of these things accomplished. But honestly, the FAC served a huge purpose for me. The Friday Art Challenge helped me use my creative self again and renewed a sense of fun in creating. It also gave me a routine. I will do it again at some point, so stay tuned. (I don't even have time to write this post, but sometimes I just have to write!)

The other day I set out for a run. I haven't run for a while. It was hot and humid so my pace slowed to a steady jog. I'm sweating and struggling when I see a woman coming toward me with long graceful stride, a good clip and a seriously sweat soaked T-shirt. It was then I realized I had slowed to more of a wog. (walk/jog) In my defense, I finished my 2 miles at a wogs pace. I'm just happy I didn't throw in the towel and walk home!!

And it's here that I throw in the art is life metaphor. When you run, there are variables that affect how you will finish that run. How long your strides, how fast your pace, how far you go, the time of day, how you feel, etc. All these things factor in to the success of any given run on any given day. Each day is different, but consistency, will build on itself and eventually you to run with ease.

The same is true for your art. There are so many factors that play into it. I've talked in many posts about building on your art practice to become better. But this time I just want to say that the variables are there to challenge you. Those obstacles are there to climb. That hot sun, heat and humidity build endurance. But you don't stop. You finish the run. Or wog. It still counts!

For those of you who did the Friday Art Challenge with me: I want to encourage you to keep running/jogging/wogging/walking. You are not finished yet and you don't need me or the FAC prompts. You may need to find a class, or a friend to do art with once a week. But whatever it is that keeps you going is what you need to keep going!! What happens if you don't keep it up? Well you start to jog instead of run and then you slow to a wog and before you know it you're not even getting out for a walk anymore!

Thank you all for doing or even reading the FAC every Friday. I include a little sketch I did the other day as my last offering for the FAC. I would call this sketch a sprint! I will give some details about the sketch later, but for today-thats all the time I have. Have a great Friday and make some art this week!

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