Wednesday, March 21, 2018


I’ve been inspired lately. I’d like to share some of that with you.

The other day I was in Joanne Fabrics looking for some knitting accessories. And what do I see? Why art books of course. And not just your Walter Foster books. (Nothing wrong with Walter Foster’s stuff!) Nope. Some serious art books.  I was immediately pulled in. Then that voice in my head reminded me that my art library is full. But she also said “those books inspire you!”. And my little voice is right. I turn to my books often if I need a little inspiration. And what’s one more book? Reason stepped in “you have plenty of books to inspire you. What you need to do is go home and look at some you already have. You certainly don’t need more!” Ah, reason. You are no fun!! 

And then I saw it...A simple little book on sketching the figure quickly. Quickly being the operative word here. So I picked it up and thumbed through it all the while struggling with reason who is telling me I hardly need yet another art book. 

Now I can paint a figure. Just not fast. I’ve always wanted to be able to indicate people quickly without detail in quick sketches. But I struggle with with needing detail. I like it! So I needed this book. And Lo and Behold I saw a sign: Coupons Now Accepted on Books!! Who am I to ignore a clear sign?? And I think you can guess the rest! 

Today I took out my sketchbook and I did a quick sketch while my granddaughter slept. I knew I might have only 20 minutes so I worked fast. You can tell the order I did them. The figure on the left is overworked and muddy. The middle one has better skin tones but I was still not in my grove. The last one was finally working for me with the colors running together and a loose not overworked feel to it. While it’s nothing like the quick suggested figures throughout the book, I mangaged to do some art. I was inspired! My intention is to try doing some quick work at home from photos and then take what I’ve practiced and go out sketching live people again. 

I’ll share some of the other things that have been inspiring my art lately. Until then, tell me what’s inspiring you?? 

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  1. How wonderful! So glad you shared your inspiration :)