Monday, January 8, 2018

Small Things

Good morning Monday! (Or good Monday morning?) There is a fresh blanket of snow on the ground and everything is white and undisturbed here this morning. I thought I’d take this quiet moment and share the art I’ve done in the New Year and some thoughts.

First, I decided not to make any New Years resolutions or goals for 2018. I cant take the pressure 🤪. I have decided I don’t have to have a new year to set goals and I don’t need to do some things for a whole year. Last year I did make three months doing a drawing a day, which I really enjoyed. I see the value in that challenge and I found I am always looking at the world and seeing it as inspiration. I am always saving photos whether or not I am actively doing art at the time! Inspiration is just everywhere and inspirations keeps the fire going. I am still undecided if I will do my annual drawing a day in February, but I have plenty of inspiration! 

Here are my latest. I’m still working small and small is good.  My time is not my own, but I find I can complete small works and find satisfaction. Speaking of small things: on a personal note my daughter produced my first grandchild last April.  She came at the perfect time in my life. God knew I needed that little angel! She has turned everyone’s world upside down and brought a new level of joy. How such small things can have such impact is the theme here! This small sketch is a close likeness, but needs some work. Its in a 5x7 tan toned sketchbook with pencil and a white pastel pencil. I want to do it in either oil or pastel and will keep it small. Depending on how well or poorly it goes you may or may not see it! But here is the study and the progression from the first day to the finished sketch. 

As soon as the primrose hit the grocery store I buy and armload. Such happy little flowers! (Plus I’m starving for color!) And the new year always brings a few primrose paintings. I was always told “flowers don’t sell” and “paint what you love”! (I’ve also been told people prefer oil paintings, which seems to be true) Luckly I heard “paint what you love” first and didn’t hear the “flowers dont sell” until after I had been selling mine.  They always seemed to sell fairly well.  I believe its because I painted what I loved. I love flowers-I have to figure other people do as well. If you paint what you love that shows in the painting and that is what people respond to. So, my advice: Paint what you love. If you want to paint to sell that’s a whole different blog! This blog is about living a creative life-and I’m off topic here! This one is in my 5x7 sketchbook, watercolor and pencil.

The last painting I did from a friends photo while waiting for dinner at a restaurant. I always carry a small sketchbook (3x5), a tsmall palette of paints and a waterbrush, pencil and a pen with waterproof ink. Never underestimate what you can do with a small set up! I enjoy the challenges when I sketch on site. I think it hones your skills. You have to work fast or your subject will move, the light will change or your dinner shows up! Sketching has become a thing. There are groups and classes and books about how to do it. I’m glad because I think it takes Art, makes it bite size and makes it something for every man/woman. There are no rules and anyone can do it! I think its a bit of an art revolution! 

So, that’s it so far! Have a Happy New Year and may 2018 be filled with Art! 

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