Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Carpe Diem

Watercolor sketch from a winery in Napa
Today I turn 50.  Anyone who says 50 is the new 40 has rocks in their head!  Do I hear an "amen sister"?  It's just a number.  They say that too.  Right... Who are "they".  "They" are younger!  I used to be "they" once. (smiley face)

So why blog about my birthday on a creativity blog?  Because while painting with a friend this summer I asked her how in the world she finds the time to get out so much to paint.  Her answer gave me pause.  She said she was sixty something and that if all went well, she still only had fifteen or so years left to paint. She was going to pack in as much as she could for the rest of her life.  She has a passion to paint and a gift to share!

To be honest, I'd never thought about my friends age.  She is vibrant and full of life. But she is also obviously a realist.  I have trouble planning for tomorrow, let alone thinking long term like that.  

I gleaned many things from our conversation that day, but the mind is the first thing to go.  That, however stuck with me.  The bible says we are not even promised tomorrow.  Dead Poets Society (or Horace, I can still use wikepedia!) reminds us the Latin "Carpe Diem" or "Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future".  Is that the message?  Every day you don't do something, is one more day you wont be able to.  When life is viewed like that, the perspective change is great!  But what chaos would ensue if we all lived like we were not going to be here tomorrow?  I don't know, but let's try it!  I'm not getting any younger! (another smiley face!)


  1. I agree. 50 is not 40 and 60 won't be 50 either!! :(

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Paint Baby,Paint!


  3. Very inspirational. Often I do feel as though I am wasting precious time.

  4. Michelle, I think I recognize myself in this. I said on the OPAS list serve, "If I live as long as my Mother, I have only 28 years left to do something." I'm not 60 yet, but will be in November. I'm someone that became seriously ill for 18 months when I was in my prime of 47. I learned a lot then, and more while taking care of my Dad for the next 14 months while he was dying of cancer. I was emotionally wiped out, didn't paint for 5 years, and then found life again by going into a kindergarten class every day with my grandson, and reading with the kids. Children live in the moment. It's intense to do that, no wonder they sleep so soundly and cry a lot! 50 year olds, and those approaching 60, get tired quicker. I'm not searching for anything, I am just experiencing what is here - and there - as much as possible, just trying to take it as far as I can, while I can. Happy Belated Birthday. 50 is great! Remember that when you are 60. :) :) :)