Friday, September 17, 2010

Do You Paint Every Day?

A lot of what I write about comes in response to things people say to me about my art or about making art.  Frequently, someone will ask me a question that makes me to stop and think hard before I answer.  Lots of times this is because I have no answer, or at least not one I have thought through.  Those questions are great because I have to go back and find them an answer.  If the question is asked more than once--I pay attention to the question-not my answer!  Because I believe there is a reason it was asked more than once!

The question asked more than twice recently has been "Do you paint every day?"  The answer is "no, I don't".  I brush my teeth and take a shower daily.  That's the extent of my non-negotable daily habbits!  Some might call this flexible.  Others, unstructured.  I'm not going to judge it anymore.  It just is. I will admit to a certain lack of structure.  Oh, I have some or we would never have toilet paper!  But I am easily distracted and find that priorities change like sifting sand!  Hour to hour, day to day.

It is a good goal.  To paint every day.  It has occured to me to make that a priority.  Instead, I paint when I feel like it or have a deadline or commision.  Sometimes the structure kills the "mood".  It really does.

As I walk this creative path, other things have fallen away allowing me to see further ahead to where I want to travel.  The process of just putting one foot in front of the other had been the best course of action.  Its not always the same action, but it is always in the same direction.  And there have been detours!

I think the question and answer served to remind me how far I've come as well as where I need to go!  I write this because the answer to the question is "no, not today, but maybe tomorrow!"  In other words, I may not be able to at this point in my journey, but looking at that question has helped me to see further down my path!  And if I keep walking, the path will take me there. 

I don't believe in coinsidence.  Pay attention to not just the large things, but the small things that fall in your path as well.  What question have you been asked more than once recently?

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