Saturday, December 18, 2010


There are things that happen in ones life that are beyond our control.  I have to say that while not a natural disaster, the basement flood has left me immobile.  (and so has this Christmas!  My brain is on overload!)  So much to do, so little enthusiasm to do it! 
I think my main problem, and the one I have with  my work as an artist as well, is well, I'm not sure!  I'm not lazy. Not unmotivated.  I am stretched a little thin, but then so are most people.  Maybe it's focus?  But its really more like a series of "floods"!  And someone must clean it up and repair it.
While reading a short devotional yesterday, by an author I have read for years- his words fit my mood today.  " Thorough. I have just taken my Webster's Dictionary off the shelf and looked up thorough. He says it means "carried through to completion, careful about detail, complete in all respects." And further he says "The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail "
I am bored with details.  Not a good character trait.  But we all have a few bad ones.  And as I've shared before, I great out of the gate, and I'll get to the finish line, but not in any record time!  What is it they say, slow and steady?  That would be me!  So instead of beating myself up for my faults, or making huge changes that make me crazy-I'm going to try harder.  Yup, that's it.  While I admire anyone who can change whole personality traits in a single bound, I take a little longer.  And, as they say, God is in the details. (or the devil, depending on who you talk to)
And I'm going to buy some waders.

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