Thursday, December 2, 2010

Creativity and a Flooded Basement

OK...I give!  I caught this cold and the basement flooded!  I'm having the great room painted so this place looks crazy!  There are 7 people traipsing through my house!

Chaos...pandemonium!  There has not even been a creative thought except how best to take a nap!  But you know what??  I see a light at the end of the long tunnel.  There will be new carpeting in the basement now, I can paint the walls down there while the floor is bare concrete (something I didn't plan to do nor have time for)  and have a new basement!  I am having the very tall walls on the main floor painted and have to finish painting where the walls to the catwalk meet upstairs.  In short- I have a load of stuff to do that has nothing to do with Christmas!  Not to mention- this is where all my money is going!! 

Upon reflection, I see that each home improvement project is begun because of some disaster!  So when I get a room finished and decorated, I'd probably live with it my entire life if some impetus did not move me toward change.  I did not use to be like this.  I used to rearrange the furniture almost as often as I vacuumed.  I had new decorating ideas and new home improvement projects going all the time.  I refinished furniture, stenciled and faux finished walls, made curtains and slipcovers, shopped flea markets- and I loved it!

I think decorating fulfilled a creative need of mine.  At the time I was not painting.  I had only done ceramics in high school and in college I got a D in watercolor.    That was enough to discourage me from continuing.  (I was easily discouraged!)  Fine art was not the focus then and I put my efforts into practical applications in school and decorated my home with a creative gusto. 

Now that I paint, I do not find the need for change in decor the way I once did.  In fact, I am going white on white with natural elements which I find restful to the eye and enhance my paintings on the wall.  (or is it really because there are too many color choices and I love them all so much I cannot make a decision??)  I do love color! 

I guess while this blog series is not at all turning out at all the way I had hoped, I am learning to stay open to all possibilities and try to roll with the punches.  Not easy for me, and Christmas cards will be late, but I will most certainly not be watching all the programs I DVR when I'm too busy to watch regularly!  I will keep you posted on the progress of my Christmas prep as well as the decorating ideas I may have. 

All this falls under the category of creativity.  It all serves to keep my creative spirit alive and fresh.  It matters not how it manifests itself, and I can let it's sources and applications change.  Change is the only constant in this world.  Control is largely an illusion!  I think I will try to embrace that and see where it takes my creative spirit!! 

Until tomorrow!

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