Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Yesterday was a flurry of activity in the early energetic part of the day.  Monday is always the get-it-together after-the-weekend day.  It started out as usual, but by midday I could tell I was coming down with something.  By later in the day when my energy usually lags, my whole self was ready for bed!  But I still had things to do and I pushed on.  By dinner I realized I had not made it to the computer to blog!  But I just had nothing to say that related to creativity!  I just wanted my bed and pillow! 

Today I am sure I am getting sick.  So why tell you (or really me!) this?  Because I think sometimes you need to stop and regroup to let your creativity be reborn.  I think you need change of place and space.  This cold will give me a break.  Not one I wanted or have time for, but one I will use to recharge somehow.  We don't usually stop unless we are exhausted or finished with the "to do" part of our day.  Sometimes we are forced to either slow down or stop altogether.  And that can be a good thing.

Maybe I will read all the magazines or a book I don't have time for.  Watch a movie or listen to some music.  But one thing is for sure:  I don't feel like doing anything on the list of things that simply must get done!  Will they?  Maybe not those that really didn't need doing anyway.  Life has a way of culling my list sometimes. 
So, the holidays will have to wait while I endure the misery of some bug.  Not to sound too philosophical, but I think I will make the best of a bad thing.  I will try to use the down time to recharge my creative batteries...or just sleep! 

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