Saturday, November 27, 2010

day 8, almost 9

OK, so before midnight counts!  And what to write?  As far as creative went, I did little.  I sent off my oldest and his girlfriend to their home in Chicago and vowed to come see them and the Macy's windows (a sight to see at Christmas- the old Marshall Fields!) and skate on State. I would never skate, but pictures and a painting would be nice. 
I did do some holiday gift shopping today.  On my list, if you remember, I wrote "gifts that keep giving".  We're not talking fruitcake here!  I want to do some original gifts that will be remembered.  The vacation scrap books are one.  Then I think I will give the gift of the arts.  Tom and I are going to get tickets to six shows this next year for a gift to each other.  We are going to take dance lessons again as well.  These are things that last through the year.  Hmmnn, who else could I gift that way?  And what other types of things keep on giving?  Stay tuned!
I also did some decorating outside but did not get it photographed in time.  I will post the decorations soon.  The cards are still being worked.  I don't know if I will go with what I have already or if the new idea will pan out to be better.  I need to get that done or I will have to print them myself!  Stay tuned for that also...
And, that, that's all folks!  (till tomorrow)

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