Saturday, November 20, 2010

Creating the Holidays!

There are a lot of things I'm thankful for.  And I love the holiday's for the family, friends and celebrations.  One thing that really gets my juices flowing is all the creative things I can do for the holiday's.  There are the decorations which I like to change up each year.  There is the cooking that I also like to change up, although the family does not!  (I think they have stories...)  There is the gift giving, which can be very personal and very creative.  There are cards which I usually design and paint myself.  And the list goes on.

Sometimes I dont have the time to get it all done, but I think part of what is energizing are the endless possiblities.  My right brain can spiral out of control!  I become giddy and money is no object.  SCREECH!  No wait, my bad!  Huge budget constraints here-and guess what??  A lack of funds makes me more creative-and I feel better about making do.  I mean, do I really need eight boxes of teal ornaments I will never use again?  This is not the White House after all! 

So, how will I make the holiday's special this year?  I dont know yet, I've been so busy working and doing I havent had time to slow down and let the right brain run through the possiblities-or the impossible yet fantastic-ideas yet!  But stay tuned.  I intend to infuse this blog with my own special creative crazy thoughts.  Each day until Christmas, I'd like to blog about how to make this Thanksgiving and Christmas creative and joy filled.  Who knows where this will go, but it will be fun to think out loud. 

So today I start by making a list and checking it twice!  This is called brain storming.  Or mapping.  It is a creative process, and if you are not familiar with it, check out     My brain is really stormy, so check back tomorrow for the crazy list of possible and impossible options for the Holidays.

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