Sunday, November 21, 2010

day 2

Well, all you get today is the brainstorm list.  It's not that long, because my brain didn't storm to well at the time.  There will be additions I'm sure!

Think up a new dish, drink or game to play at Thanksgiving-video this
watch vacation DVD
Centerpiece for table
hand make gifts - albums, scarves??, ornaments?
cards-pine cones, ornaments, flowers, birds, snowmen, lights, candles, nutcrackers
change up indoor dec for Christmas
outdoor Christmas decorations-planters, window boxes, new wreath?
Gifts that keep on giving-?
hostess gifts ??
Test new recipes for Christmas-get pear/onion tart recipes from Paula

Here are the rough ideas I will start from.  I have already made a map and a plan for some of them.  Tomorrow you can see what comes from these ideas and the rambling I do in my head!  Lets have some fun-

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