Wednesday, November 24, 2010

day 5

OK.  The cleaning and mundane is almost over.  (until after the party!)  Now, let's have Thanksgiving! 
In creative mode, I've decided upon a table decoration that is natural.  That will have to be done tonight as will setting the table.  (I'll post photos after)  I'm going cyber surfing for a new drink.  Last year we had pomegranate Martini's which were just OK.  Oprah liked them, but not my favorite.  This year I'd like something that you can drink with or without the alcohol.  (it impares my ability to execute!) The food is unexciting-with that many you have to do the usual and lots of it.  There will be a slide show on TV of our vacation-the kids will love it.  And we will of course play cards.  I wonder if anyone would sit for two hours while I paint them?  Lets see, a turkey induced might work!  See you tomorrow  

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