Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Gift That Keeps Giving- Giving!

Gifts that keep on giving... 

Studies show that doing for others benefits us as much or more than those we are helping.  There is a huge trend once again with the younger set to volunteer.  It's funny how in vogue it has become.  A new wave led by past presidents and famous people.  Oprah, Bill Gates, Clinton, and many movie stars.  Lets not forget the past - Lady Di, Mother Theresa, Jimmy Carter, JFK.  But until I saw my daughter serving humanity all over the place did I realize I've dropped the ball.

Thanksgiving reminded me how blessed my family is and how little I give back these days.  Funny, when I was younger we had less, but gave more-maybe because it didn't seem like much?  I was a whorl wind of volunteerism.  But then I had a lot more energy.  Today I have more resources and less energy! 

I write this because we want to find way's to give back this season.  We always say we will, but often don't in the holiday rush.  This year, like this blog, I intend to do what I say.  I think that volunteering is a gift we can give that keeps on giving. It seems special at Christmas and we should do it then, but we can continue all year at any pace we chose.

Think about where your creative gifts lie and then use those gifts in service to others this year.  You can write a check or just show up and serve physically if you can think what to do.  You will feel better, your physical and mental health will be better and you will be helping someone else.  Who could ask for a better gift? 

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