Thursday, December 19, 2013

Remembering the Snowman

For about ten years now I have used my own art for Christmas cards.  It's one of the traditions I enjoy most.  Its a labor of love and I keep a card from every year.  It's great to look back at them all and remember the inspiration.  I've painted poinsettias, cardinals, pine cones, snow scenes, holly and so much more.  It's a challenge and lots of fun to hunt for the next idea to turn into a card.  This year I find myself behind the eight ball.  Something has to give.  And I think, it's the card...

It's not that I didn't create the art.  I did that last year!  But in the rush of things to do I waited too long and the shipping to get them here on time is outrageous!  Reluctantly, I decided to send just the Christmas letter with the art at the top. Sometimes we have to make concessions.  This will be the first time in many years that friends and family wont get a card from us along with the letter.  

Before trying to order cards, I put up the tree and got out the decorations. I was late getting out the Christmas decorations too!  Let's blame it on a late Thanksgiving, shall we?  While I was setting out my small group of snowmen, my favorite snowman fell to his death!  I was surprised it upset me so much.  I try not to get to attached to "things".  In fact, over the last few years I've culled my Christmas chotchkies down to a lesser cast of overkill.  Every year as I pack them away I ask, did I LOVE seeing this and is it worth packing up this year and unpacking next?  It's made a difference in helping me keep only what has real meaning, a memory or just brings me joy.  

Back to the point.  The snowman causality upset me, until...I remembered I
had immortalized him in a painting!  The painting I created last year for this years card (that will not make an appearance), is in fact a still life grouping of my snowman chotchkies, with the now shattered favorite -- front and center! 

Maybe I should rethink getting rid of the cast of characters I store for Christmas?   They have been a source of wonderful inspiration for my cards. keep my eye out for next years subject!  

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