Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Art Challenge

I have another Friday Art Challenge for you! This week you must create something that starts with the letter B. Don't get too comfortable with the alphabet and thinking you know what next weeks will be because I won't be using that theme every time.
This week it worked for what inspired me-so I went with it. I had several people post on facebook and a few did their best here--I believe I worked out the kinks and you can post below from an Apple device now (I did it with my own work from my iPad-see below)-and we will plod on!! Nothing is going to stop the Friday Art Challenge!

As for my work this week, "B" is for building. Here are two pictures of it in the inked stage and then in watercolor. I have been using a raw sienna ink I mixed myself that is waterproof and that I absolutely love to draw with.  While it looks great here without any paint, I think we lose the drawing with the paint. I think, had I been using ocher or raw sienna for the building-or lighter washes-my ink would have been more the star of the show. I'm not happy at all with the finished product, but that's what my sketchbook is for--figuring out what works and what doesn't. I wish I would have take a photo halfway in when the turrets and sky were the only thing painted. I was excited and in love with it. I lost the light when I tried to paint the sides of the building in a light wash. Maybe should have left them white? I don't know.  What I do know is that this drawing was time intensive and maybe I should have done a few smaller thumbnails before I attempted a final sketch. The church was backlit so the front is totally in shadow. I will have to go back later in the day and do another one with the front in sunlight because this feels too dark.  But, I did another creative challenge this week!! Yay!  Now-show me whatcha got for the letter B!!


  1. Hi Michelle
    Building or church its all in your perspective
    Does this mean it works for c to?
    Love your drawing and churches are so fascinating creating a space to worship our
    Let me see B is for....

  2. So I don't know why this is upside down
    And I refuse to make another unsuccessful attempt
    It appears correctly on my screen
    So just stand on your head or turn your iPad to view

  3. Replies
    1. yes, Pat! Not sure why I don't get alerts when there is a comment-must go to settings again!