Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Challenge

So I may have put my cart before my horse!  After putting the challenge idea out there I realized there is no way to upload photos of your work to my comments section on this blog. I have since been investigating other options but none (besides having a website built specifically for that) seem to be presenting themselves.  There is always facebook, but I know all of you are not on facebook.  And while I did get a few responses in favor of doing it, it was not overwhelming, so I will not be paying money to build a site for this idea!

So here's my thought.  I will post the idea's here so you can have the challenge for the week.  If you want to upload your work-which is really the whole idea-you can follow me over to my facebook art page and post it there.  (You could always just get on facebook if you aren't already and only friend my facebook page!)  Look up Michellemorrisart. I may set up another facebook page just for the Friday Challenges if it becomes at all popular.

If anyone has any ideas how to make this work somewhere else I'm open to ideas. And I will keep investigating. I'm really sorry!  There are so many outlets out there that I just wasn't thinking about the limitations of my blog or that I would have issues with interactive posting of photos!

And now for the very first Friday Challenge: (drum roll please!)  Let's start with the letter A. That's it-just create a work any size any medium any subject that starts with the letter A. I have one in the works and I will post it by Monday!

It's great to have a challenge and I look forward to trying this out with many of you!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Michelle
    This is my first try :(had to go thru Instagram
    Couldn't upload for iPhone couldn't find url.
    But here it is...not best picture but I'll get better.
    Made this in sand in Florida this weekend
    Portions undesirable but will do better next time.
    Enjoyed sculpting with sand at low tide used
    Pieces of shell for teeth... Really relaxed while creating this used both hands and my feet to scoop out and shape sand.
    That 's
    My A is for alligator and apple and...