Thursday, April 7, 2016

Friday Art Challenge

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I have a couple of new posts in the wings for Living a Creative Life but it takes a lot longer to whip these out because I have to create and/or photograph the art to go with the post!  What is an art blog without ART??  I can tell you now that as I promised I will review those books I bought myself for Christmas (I'm nothing if not slow!) as well as tell you about some online classes I have taken. I enjoyed them and I hope you will enjoy reading about my impressions of them.

In the meantime, I've been toying with an idea and would love some input.  Are any of you interested in having an interactive type of art dialogue?  My idea, which is not an original one to be sure, is to put a challenge out there every Friday for you to tackle over the next week.  The idea is to inspire you to create art in new and different ways on a regular basis.  We would then post them here on this blog or my facebook page and have a sort of show and tell. I am hoping this will keep me as engaged in creating regularly as it does you!!

Please don't forget to sign up for the other blog since you won't get that feed from this one, and do let me know if you think you would like to do and or see a Friday Challenge!  Maybe we start tomorrow?


  1. I'm in for art challenge

  2. The greatest challenge I have is being able to find to paint during the week. I attend a painting group on Fridays and this is to only time when there no interruptions. Alan.