Monday, April 4, 2016

New Blog: Caring for Dad

Because of the response to my posts on Care-taking, I decided to start another blog.  A blog just about caretaking, which for me has become a "sacred duty".  (I read that somewhere early on about caretaking and remember thinking "yeah, ok, right! It doesn't feel too sacred!")  I have struggled with my art blog and it not being the place for these kinds of thoughts, and while I felt my readers were accepting of it, I'd like to keep the two separate. Living a Creative Life is important to me and is about art, being an artist, and all that entails. It got confusing and too personal for what this blog was originally intended. I had two choices: keep my thoughts to myself or find another outlet. I struggled with being so personal and vulnerable to such a wide audience.  Why?  Why should I record my struggles and make my journey so public?  I found two solid reasons.  I have had many responses from others walking the same path who said they found comfort in my words.  Second, because it has been cathartic for me as well. Since, I do not journal with a pen and paper, (I aspire to, but it takes too long. My ADHD personality can't take the time to write slowly enough that I have anything that resembles anything other than scrawls across a messy page!!)  typing, yes, typing is for me!  It flows almost as fast as I can think it, is easy to correct--and gloriously comes with spellcheck!!  This is my place. 

So I am beginning another blog about care-taking and it's many issues, challenges, joys and blessings.  I'm not sure what I will call it yet, so for now it's called "Caring for Dad".  It's content will be my thoughts and any help I have learned/recieved that can help others in this journey. It will also be a place where I will also speak of the spiritual aspect of my journey. I am a christian, so this will be part of my offerings. I hope it will be a place  I can not only journal my thoughts and experiences but also a place others find help and comfort.  I won't sugar coat it, but I will share both the trials and blessings.  So if you are interested, follow me to my other blog.  Caring for Dad

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