Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New Year's Resolutions in April!

It's taken me three months to implement my New Year's resolutions.  Mostly because I rarely keep them long and they produce no lasting change, so I think "why make them if you never keep them"?  But if we never endeavor to change, will we?  Yes, we will.
Change is inevitable.  But we will change according to our circumstances or some other influence that carries us along. On some level we are either making choices or making the choice not to make a choice! Wouldn't it be better to try to steer the course of change in the direction I want to see my life go?  And while I know Invictus is a bit dramatic for this little post, the last verse applies here--I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.

In December I decided I wanted to do a painting a day for a month like I've done at the beginning of the year in years past and share them here and on my Facebook page.  It's a lot of work and pressure to come up with something you're willing to share every day! The closer January got, the less appealing the idea became. I'm busy. I don't feel inspired quite as often as I used to. It's not important. I don't need the added pressure. Can you hear the voices in my head?  By January 1rst I had decided I might do it again in February since it's a shorter month and gave me more time--but instead of gathering subject matter and ideas for a month-- I got a little rebellious with myself.  Why are you doing this anyway? What's the point?  You don't have time for this! It's not important. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Three months later the point is that if I don't have a reason to create I will find a reason not to. It's the path of least resistance and I know it. I've given into it for quite a while now and that was O.K. for a time. But if I am to master my fate at all with my creative side I'd better engage it somehow!! I gave a good deal of thought to how I could make some changes that stimulate creative energy.  Last fall and early this year I took some online classes. (More on that very soon--I promise).  That was great but when they were over, so was the art making...I told you of the books I bought and they did spur me on for a moment, but then the thrill wore off and so did the ideas and energy to create.  I finally concluded that at this point in time I am not going to do this in a vacuum.  I need community and accountably.  Am I speaking to anyone else here?  But my ability to get out is limited, so I can't really do it, can I?

This is the reason I started the Friday Art Challenge. It will help me steer my course. There is a goal. There is a deadline.  There is accountability and there is community. (Hopefully I won't be the only one doing this!!) It's not daily, which is just too much for me right now. But a small weekly project seems like something I can do at this point in time.  And if the first week is any indication, I may have found a way to make a change that lasts for more than a month. It was exciting and stimulating, but not overwhelming like some class assignment.  I am still in charge of how big or small I make it.  It's flexible. I hope it's a perfect fit.

I know I write this blog as much for myself as I do for you. I tell you what I'm thinking because I know I'm not alone. But we always think we are.  And you read it for a reason.  I hope you come here to be inspired to live a creative life. I have not been very inspiring these last few years, but hopefully that too is about to change. And whether you join the Friday Challenges with me or not, I hope the changes I am trying to make will steer me and this blog in the direction of living a more creative life.

So if you get a chance, do a little art and post it on the challenge post. The link is timed to expire on Thursday night at 11:55 PM, so you only have a day and a half to post it. Don't be shy now!  I know you're out there-you told me so! This is not a place where your work will be critiqued. This is a place of encouragement. Let's be there for each other and get those juices flowing!! Until next time--have a creative week!!

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