Sunday, February 17, 2013

Changing My View

While my blog is devoted to my art, that is not all I am. I am many things besides an artist and all those things contribute to how I view life and how I do art. There are many things that come before my art. But through the years art has seeped in and become a large part of my identity.

My other life and my art are not always on the same track. Sometimes the art needs to take a back seat and sometimes I get to move it to the front of the bus, like taking a yearly weeklong workshop, for example. But for the last and next few weeks it takes a back seat and my blog will only see small sketches as I move my studio to another part of the house to make room for my dad to move into our home.

In the past such an upheaval would have brought my painting to a dead halt. And it has to a point. But the 30 day challenge taught me that I have to paint for myself, not to create grand works of art or large paintings. Not that I paint that many grand large paintings, but thats always the thought. Or it was. I'm free of that now. Now I paint daily (almost) in some small way, just for me. It completely changed how I think about my art and has given me a fresh perspective or a new view.

At first I was sad to give up the space I have used to paint and grow for ten years. But always, change brings growth. The move has literally given me a new view. My new space has a window facing the other side of the house and I situated my painting table there. The upheaval has given me reason to go through things, organize and purge what I really don't need. I feel this incredible surge of creativity and possibility at having this change that I at first was not all to excited about.

It will take a little time to get things settled and to adjust to this new arrangement. But once I tweaked my attitude and got down to business I realized I would do my art in the bathroom over the tub if I had to! So, you see, this move has given me a new view in more than one way!

Below is a sketch in the sketchbook painted in the new studio amidst the chaos! It was rushed and the ellipses ore not right, but as I said before, I just needed to paint!

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