Friday, February 1, 2013

Just for fun!

Another thing I learned over the 30 day challenge was: I have standards. Since these paintings had to be finished, it meant I didn't have time to mess around on a few that didn't work. That first one had to work or I'd be there a long time! It had to be small I figured out early. It had to be simple if I didn't want to spend more than an hour. An hour being average painting time. I'm not talking about conception to execution here! So if you add in finding inspiration, well, I was working overtime!
So keeping this in mind, I also wanted them to be good. Good by my standards. I'm always telling my students they are too self critical. I guess I am as well. Honestly, I would have only put up about six of the thirty. What I found interesting was some of the paintings I was most reluctant to show were some of the most "liked" on my Facebook page and well received on my blog. So I guess I learned that I too, am too self critical!
Today I tried to recreate a sketch from the previous 30 days. Disaster with a capital D. So I put it aside and played with color again. Threw down a wash and let it dry, then some negative painting and color mixing. It's loose (very) and free! Not a keeper, but I'm liking this technique. I stopped when I started getting muddy with too many colors.
It's snowing right now, but spring is coming! I feel it! And for me that means I will be painting flowers from life--outside in the open air! Until then, I should really take advantage of all this snow we never get!
What to paint next?

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