Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Winter Rush

While sitting in the car waiting for my dad, I noticed the late afternoon light on the rushes in the pond across the parking lot. The sun was down low and it's light was yellow orange, my favorite time to paint the landscape. I knew I had five minutes, so I drove across to the pond and pulled out my sketch book. (You just never know when your going to need it, so keep it in the car or take it with you in your purse). The rushes had beautiful graceful curves and were lit with orange light and I quickly sketched them and took some photos with my phone to finish when I had more time.

Have you ever noticed cattails all bend the same way? Does the wind only blow one direction? These things you ponder when you take the time to sketch! Again, it's about being mindful. Being in the now! Exploring and questioning what you see and experience.

Not a great work but its nice to fit in some small stuff in when your life is busy and rushed. I'm glad I sketched and didn't just take photos because in the end I had a better memory from having spent that time observing and somehow I deleted the photos and had to rely on memory for the painting anyway!

Another day, another mindful sketch!

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