Wednesday, February 6, 2013

That's What I'm Talking About!

So the other day I posted a Hummingbird and told you why my sketchbook is so valuable. That hummingbird and the sketchbook experience helped to clarify my vision.  What I was looking to convey and what wasn't working for me.

 Later that same day I played again with the same subject, getting bolder and more playful with technique but subtler in colors and edges.  And VIOLA!  This is the painting I envisioned!  Some day's the magic happens, others it does not.  And that's another lesson 30 paintings in 30 days taught me: the more you paint, the more likely you will see the magic!  Basic math, really.

light drawing and the first wash 

Definition and added details.  For me, less is more.

To me, this painting has the delicacy and fragility of the hummingbird.  It has the movement I wanted to convey.  While recognizable, it is not defined like the other one.  Does not feel cut out and pasted or like I just colored inside the lines.  I wanted it to have a feel of not only movement but also how quickly they are gone and we are left with only their impression. (or a blurry photo!)  This is a small sketch, 4 x 6.  But now I know the possibilities, and will keep playing until I get a larger one I am happy with.

I may not get a good painting every day.  But every day I paint is a good day!

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