Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Married to Art

Being a subject of my art is one of the hazards of being married to me!  Well, just knowing me could mean you end up in a painting! Yesterday I celebrated 33 years to an amazing guy who supports me and my art and who also has been painted a few times!  Since I will be really busy with some big life changes over the next month, I may not be able to post much fresh work.  So I thought I would recycle some older stuff you may or may not have seen.  Here are some works over the years.  I've lost some of my photos, somewhere, of  small sketch work like "Aviators" above.  (in sketch work I do not aim for a likeness, but rather to practice gesture or capture some other idea) Reviewing all my portraits reminded me I need to paint a few loved ones that have escaped my brush!

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