Friday, January 11, 2013

Day Eleven

I'm having a show with a few of my artist friends in March. I need some fresh work to show and it must all be for sale. Every time I paint a good painting its like birthing a child. (Note to self: paint more and they won't all be so precious!) So when they come out well and I like them, I want to keep them! But I digress...

So I'm in the studio working on a larger one today, that if I don't screw it up or over work-I think I will like! That's a good thing, but I will not finish in time to post it and I don't want to rush this one. The dilemma becomes "what can I finish and post when I need the time to paint for the show?"

I took my lunch break and walked out back with the dogs. Last week we were under a foot of snow! This week it's almost 60 today and the snow is a flood next to my garden. But the ground is soft and I wiggle a few mulched carrots from the thawed earth of the winter garden. Ah, again, inspiration from the overlooked everyday! Paint on people!

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